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What are users saying about AcuGraph?
“AcuGraph is a game changer for equine acupuncture. Before AcuGraph, treatments were determined by what was observed as a problem for the horse—mostly lameness or pain. Now with a quantitative analysis of the health and balance of the meridians, I am able to treat more complex conditions with greater results. AcuGraph gives the horse a voice that we can hear and be better able to help when needed. AcuGraph is a must-have tool for any practitioner of equine acupuncture.”

—Valerie Hunter, L.Ac.

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“The owner was quite impressed with the unit when it detected a prior injury we were not told about…about 5 weeks before it had sustained a puncture wound in the upper chest area. It came up on the graph showing extremely high readings on the lung meridian, and when I inspected the wound, it was directly on the lung meridian. AcuGraph picked it up.

“I really think AcuGraph is fantastic. I highly recommend you consider using AcuGraph to accentuate and make the most of the treatment you provide.”

—Dr. Paul Silcox

“AcuGraph provides insight into root causes of training and performance issues that could not be addressed/resolved by drug, nutrition, shoeing, saddle fit, etc. It shows that there are other complex systems in the body that require attention, which those other approaches cannot address.

“AcuGraph also provides tangible evidence for clients. For example, a trainer saw it as a tool to improve training when I showed how the meridians affect the athletic performance of the horse. This particular horse had several splits with energy higher on the left. The horse more easily turned to the left and was more responsive to trainer queuing on the left side of the body. For trainers, a horse’s responsiveness to the queuing (leg on, pressure with the leg, touch of the spur, pressure on the bit) is critical to the communication process. The trainer easily understood the root of the problem when I showed the graph with the splits and energy flow diagram. Hence, this trainer recognized that AcuGraph would improve the quality of the training and get better results in competition. AcuGraph provides the evidence and clarity of treatment for both the practitioner and trainer to achieve a common goal…and that translates into repeat business.”

—Van Harding, L.Ac, BFA, MFA, EBW

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